Remo Stars GM: Ref Ukah Assault Claim Not True  I Was On Oxygen

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Remo Stars General Manager, Ekene Abubakar Adams says he is yet to come to terms with while breathing with oxygen aid during the botched NPFL home game between Remo Stars and Gombe United, that he earned a ban from the Interim Management Company (IMC) on the allegation that he assaulted match referee Ndubuisi Ukah from Imo State.

The Sky Blues Stars became the third team to be docked three points and three goals by the IMC among other punishments imposed on the club.

Ukah claimed that he was assaulted in the dressing room at halftime as a result of Remo Stars’ failure to provide adequate security for the match officials.

In Ukah’s report, he alleged that Ekene Adams was the attacker, and the IMC wasted no time to ban him from all NPFL activities for the rest of the season. The IMC further directed Remo Stars to ensure diligent prosecution in the law court, of the club’s General Manager.

Adams, now members-elect of the House of Representatives while speaking with the sporting press gave his side of the event.

“There is no iota of truth in the match’s official claim. That I was alleged to have assaulted Ukah and banned temporarily from all related Nigeria Premier Football League (NPFL) activities without any proper investigation and fair hearing on my part from the Interim Management Company (IMC), beats my imagination and also raises questions.

“This for me is prejudice and a way to cut short the ambition of Remo Stars to finish the season among the top 3 teams and feature in the Super 6 playoff.

“How can I stoop so low, to the level of assaulting a match official? The allegation is just cheap blackmail to rubbish my character and the good pedigree that took me years to build for myself in Nigeria football.

“I did not intend to join issues with the IMC, but as a credible stakeholder in Nigeria’s football family, I just want to put the fact straight.

“I have never come close to molesting nor traded punches with any match official before or after a game.

“Owing to my health recovery status, I was breathing with the aid of oxygen on the day of the NPFL game.

“So it was my crime to go into the dressing room to ask questions that needed begging answers from the match officials, as the ref was just out there acting on a script given to him and he perfected it well.

“If it’s now a crime to go the match officials’ dressing room, it means many club administrators should be banned as well, as the IMC should refer to one that has not gone to the dressing room to ask questions during the match interval.

“How demeaning it was and after many appeals, the Ukah refused to continue with the game. At 8:00pm (that night) he hurriedly checked out of his hotel room in the company of a few policemen without informing the host team. Not the IMC cared to ask questions about why he did that. To make matters worse, the new official (Reserve Referee) who stood in for him to complete the game added salt to injury, as he was biased.”

“I want to thank all that have shown concern regarding the issue for their love and care. The IMC has done good, telling me to have a break from football.

“Mind you, don’t deviate Adams from crises as being principled, one that stands for justice and never bends the rules. Did I say I didn’t go to the dressing room, I did but never assaulted ref Ukah.”

Adams will represent the good people of the Chikun/Kajuru Federal Constituency in the 10th National Assembly after he clinched his ticket under the platform of the (Labour Party).

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