Ikhana down with health challenge
Ikhana down with health challenge


…Thanks Alliance Hospital for their services, Described former Super Eagles star Victor Moses as God Sent.


Coach can you tell us your experience going through the various stages of your Hips replacement operation?

Well this is the first time I am going through an operation, what I saw I never expected it you know. I thought it is something that will even kill me, I am happy it went well successfully as you can see me talking but before the surgery I can talk this way I think I can talk better now. First of all I want to thank Alliance Hospital because if not for them maybe I would have been languishing at home, I must confess to you that they have  great Doctors there, when I was offered this treatment free of charge I was almost shedding tears but one or two things I want people to understand is that I actually  I thought I will just go through a hip replacement surgery and after the MRI they found out that the two hips are bad and are replaceable so my spinal cord have been affected which means I will need like 3 surgeries and they discovered that the money is too much for the hospital to bear alone about ten millions and let me use this opportunity to solicit to all Nigerian whoever has the strength to come to my aid in my trying period I want to thank NIGERIANS for their outpouring of love what I am seeing I never expected it that I am being loved by Nigerians what I am seeing I am overwhelmed what I am seeing is giving me more life it making me to get better before the operation so I want to thank everybody either small young and old for their love for me those who sent money especially Victor Moses, we have never met before he only heard about it and he pledge to give me a million Naira to support my treatment he is a fantastic human being may God also be with him, Nigerians once more I appreciate you all for the love that you all have shown to me.

Most of us here were young and don’t know you in your playing days can you just share some beautiful memories of your playing days

I wish I can come back to that time just rewind the time  when I was playing maybe I will do better,  then it was not a money playing games it was just interests  to play I remember in those days our match bonus was 2 naira and our camping allowances was either 5kobo I can’t really remember or something like that and of course we are happy not because of the money but our desires was just for us to win and see Nigerians being happy and I just wish I come to play now because football is not only an interesting game now  but a business oriented game once more I think I must have been a lucky set of people playing for Nigeria then, I will tell you it was great to served my country in this line successfully as a player and as a coach I want to give thanks to Allah for everything he has done for me in my life I have no regret whatsoever even if I had to die now I thank Almighty Allah for that privilege to play for these great nation as a footballer.


What’s your word for the federations because I know they have been able assist you in one way or the other?

Fortunately, The general secretary of the Nigeria Football federation is my 5 and  6 when we were young we play football together and it’s not because of that I think they look at it that its part of their welfare responsibility, the hotel I am the federation has been responsible for it.  My feeding and accommodations including my wife and I think they have been fantastic and they also attached a driver to me who has been on my becks and call. If I call the driver 12 midnight the driver will be here and I think they have been great to me before I got here they have assured me  some money has been approved before I got here in Abuja they have given me their assurance according to the General Secretary I want to know how much before I can tell the world how much it is and I want to tell the world Nigeria Football federation are my parent its their responsibility to do it and I think if they are not kind enough they won’t do it

The second operation?

The 2nd operation was done last week friday 22nd of this month and its successful the left hips was done and i am feeling better now after the operation I think I will rest for about a month before the final operation will be carried out, it just the 3 stages I have to go through to get back to my feet and I must appreciate Alliance Hospitals and everyone who has been supporting me in my trying period.

Ikhana in his active days

Your goodwill message to Nigerians?

I have been hearing good things about my welfare and the whole country want my well being, they have been praying for me and I want Nigeria to continue with their prayers for me and with their support there is hope for me I just thank them for the love they have shown to me I really appreciate them all.

Your generations tend to have one particular injuries in their later life how will you want to advise the younger one playing now on how to take care of their body while playing football.

I have always advise  that this is the time for the federation to put in place a proper medical care for all the clubs to follow because if we have proper medical care for players I will not be in these position I believe the federation can do it now. The federation is the father of football in this country that they can do and undo this is the time for them to do  whatever it will take for them to do it now for every club in every state to have adequate welfare for all footballers not only just for footballers but also for all Sportsmen in the country I think it’s very very important because of what I am going through if not for  Alliance Hospital  if you see me when I first came you will be very sorry for me you weep for me  I can’t get up but now after the first operation I can now sit down if they can do that the country football will continue to move up.

What can you say about the Association you belong to the Coaches Association? 

I must confess to you we have a very great association it’s not because I am a coach, we have a good pilots for the word go I have the support of the Nigeria coaches association up till tomorrow a coach is always with me from 8 am till 8pm everyday from a coach is always with me 12 hrs money can’t buy this there is no amount of money I have to pay someone to come and stay with me so you can imagine I was given a big sum of money to manage myself I want to appreciate them I am part of them and I pray that God will continue to move us forward. Thank

Ikhana down with health challenge
Ikhana down with health challenge

More of your fonds memories of your playing days and Coaching as well sir.

I played for Nigeria from 1969 till 1985 during this period I played in the 2World Military games the one in Germany and Egypt and also played just 2 clubs in Nigeria Bendel Insurance and Abiola Babes I stopped playing in 1985 because of these same injuries, I have coached several clubs from the North to the South, I was the pioneer coach of El-kanemi of Maiduguri let me say that’s where I started my coaching career from then BCC Lions of Gboko I moved to Sunshine Stars and I moved from there to Kastina United and later moved to Yobe Desert Stars, I went to Kano Pillars and then I moved to Port-Harcourt to coach Sharks of Port-Harcourt, Enyimba from Enyimba I went foreign I moved to South Africa to coach Black Leopard I only stayed with them for just 2month was brought back to come and handle U-23 team in 2005, then I went to Kwara United and then I went back to Kano Pillars  and I went back to Enyimba  and 3SC, I almost tour the nation coaching all the teams in Nigeria and I had a brief stay with the female team for the Nations Cup as well.

I Won several trophies, the FA Cup 3 times, won the leagues 2 times came 3rd in the World Military games in Egypt won the 1st Nations Cup for Nigeria silver at the All-African games in Algiers won bronze in Accra Nations Cup in 1978  I must show my appreciation for this that I am one of the most lucky Nigeria to have played and coached in this country.

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