Sylvester Phadion On The Transformative Power Of Skating In Nigeria


In the bustling streets of Gyakan district in Lamurde LGA of Adamawa, Nigeria, where despair often lurks like a shadow, Sylvester Phadion discovered a beacon of hope in an unexpected place: on wheels. His journey from the dusty roads of his hometown to the vibrant avenues of Abuja is a testament to the transformative power of skating.

In a world where violence and extremism threaten the youth’s future, organizations like the African Center for Youth Development, Education, and Advocacy Initiative strive to harness the potential of sports to steer young lives towards positivity and sustainable livelihoods. Embracing Sylvester Phadion as a symbol of this mission highlights the importance of such endeavors.


Growing up amidst the harsh realities of insurgency and societal divides in North Eastern Nigeria, Phadion faced challenges that could have easily led him astray. With food insecurity, economic instability, and limited opportunities plaguing his community, many youths resorted to drugs and crime as coping mechanisms. Yet, Phadion refused to succumb to despair.

“In a community where despair seemed ubiquitous, skating became my refuge,” Phadion recounts. Amidst offers of alcohol and drugs, he found solace in the freedom of gliding on wheels. His determination to break free from the cycle of despair led him to the I Choose Life Foundation, where he discovered a new purpose through mental health advocacy and sports.



“I introduced skating to my friends as an alternative to street life,” Phadion explains. Through the Unity Skaters Club, he became a mentor, guiding others away from the perils of the streets. What started as a neighborhood pastime soon blossomed into a movement, offering hope to aspiring skaters across Nigeria.

Despite the lack of facilities, Phadion’s dedication caught the attention of SRHD Sports Management in Germany. Alongside his fellow skaters, he embarked on a journey to Europe for further development, showcasing Nigeria’s talent on an international stage.

Phadion’s story epitomizes the power of perseverance and community support. Through skating, he not only transformed his own life but also uplifted countless others. As he prepares for the “Skate Abuja 2024” event with cash prizes of 500,000 each in five different skating disciplines, sponsored by SRHD Sports Management; Phadion invites Nigerians to join him in celebrating the transformative power of skating on the 2nd April,2024 at the Velodrome in Moshood Abiola Stadium Abuja.

His contributions to the community have not gone unnoticed. Phadion has received numerous awards for his dedication to service and advocacy, including the Best Volunteer Award from Project Pink Blue,the Humanitarian Award of Courage from the I Choose Life Foundation and Peace Ambassador Award which he also received recently from Foundation For Peace and Nonviolence In Nigeria.

From the streets of Adamawa to the international stage, Sylvester Phadion’s journey serves as a beacon of hope for Nigerian youth, proving that with determination and passion, anything is possible. Through skating, he has inspired a generation to chase their dreams, one wheel at a time.

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