Pensioners...Maina yanked from saving them


The Continent that is located South Europe, East of the Atlantic Ocean, West of Indian Ocean and North Antarctica are referred to as African Continent: Burundi, Uganda, Egypt, Rwanda, Chad, Ethiopia, Nigeria etc.

There are many things that the African countries share in common, though with some notable discrepancies. For example, some Africans’ foods are not the same. Ethiopia does not have pounded yam as its indigenous food, perhaps it must have been imported by foreigners, and Nigeria does. In the like manners, bread cuts across most of these African countries, even though the make or content and form of production might be different.

PCR strip test tubes and micropipette in genetics laboratory...cure for diseases

Religiously, they share and possess adherents of Islam, Christianity, and Paganism Astronomy etc. But the methods of reasoning, relating, agglomerating, uniting and understanding the manner of practices are sometimes at par.

Economically, they are hardworking, struggling and never relenting when it comes to vying for sustainability and keeping souls together. However, that does not mean that there are no lazy tribes among individuals due to generic inhibitions.

Pensioners...Maina yanked from saving them

Politically, some are doing wonderfully well while others are still wallowing in ignorance of perplexity, confusion, disarray and in disentanglement! For those who have obtained their independent as far back as 1960s, and even before then, or after. What exactly have ever been their wonderful outstanding development, recorded so far? Nigeria as a case study, that is years old in the year 2020; cannot boast of perfect political stability, strong and unbeatable infrastructure, apart from ‘stomach infrastructure’ that is well established by the mean individual politicians and leaders, who have succeeded in looting the country’s treasury to minus Zero level of sustenance.

The commoners and peasants of Rwanda, Nigeria, Chad, to mention but a few, are dying of road accident in larger number every day. Travelling on Nigeria roads needs a fervent prayer of six months before embarking on the journey. Listing Abuja-Okene roads, Abuja-Minna-Bidda roads, Abuja-Kaduna roads, Kaduna, Zaria-Kastina-Zamfara-Sokoto routes, Abuja-Akwanga-Lafia, Akwanga-Jos roads, Benue-Port road, Okene-Agbor-Edo State, Okene -Ore Ondo state roads, Kabba-Ekiti and many others are nothing but death traps; serving as easy medium for robbery and kidnapping scenarios.

Bandits bock Highway

I am always of the opinion that, how very much I wish that a law is enacted that no Nigerian leaders: President, Vice president, Ministers, House of Representatives members, House of Assembly members, DGs etc. Should travel by air, so long they are traveling within Nigeria, not even helicopter, rather, Nigerian roads should be what they plight! Of course, who wears the shoes, know where they pinch. Let them experience and empathize what we go through on our roads. After all, experience, they say is the best teacher.

Traveling from Abuja-Ilorin, via Minna Bidda roads will, in the first place some dance ‘Makosa’ if even one has never rehearsed it before, besides, the experience tells that one  must turn to a self-medication personnel by demanding for pain relief if one gets home safely without been robbed, kidnapped or involved in a road accident. While will a Minister say: “after all, the roads are not too bad?” Other persisting and endemic problems include: massive graduates without employment.

Section of bad roads in Nigeria

Quote me, even teaching job that was common then, now becomes unavailable due to the porosity nature the Nigerian leaders introduced, unofficially. An applicant, they said entered an office where an interview was on going; a common Nigerian, common because he knew no big shots, was lucky to enter, having taken his sit, he was asked to introduce himself, which he, of course did diligently.

Then, the next question was who gave you letter a here, any senator, Minister Etc. The poor man said no one but God. Behold! The next thing was for the panelist to show him the way out! This isn’t fictional, please. What hope of African culture are we actually building?!What foundation of good and prospective futuristic nature are they planning for our generation, talk less of our yet unborn generations? Whereby, in contrast, a county we know has planned for her six yet unborn generations. The house built of silver is brought low by downpour.

Pensioners...Maina yanked from saving them

Most painfully is the attitudinal behaviors of Africans, Nigeria at focus, where a member of the family struggles to live and is lucky to have kept his head above the water. When an African child is born, everybody pretentiously becomes happy and the house is paraded from day one till the seventh day, some assisting with domestic needs while many pray for longevity of life for the baby, crowing the prayers with the child’s great success in life. Why the tyrannical dispositions now, when the child’s Destiny comes to work well for him. The enmity begins, the day he gets a good job.

Where were they when the parents struggled to train the child and even sold their valuables during the training of the same child? Why did they pray for the child’s success and longevity of life in the first place? Buying a car and a plot of land angers them most. Then, the next line of action is to begin to send missiles, concertinaing bad and terrifying dreams etc. Some will not rest, until they see the down fall of such a hero of the family whose God’s work is to raise the rest members of the family.

Senator Abubakar Kyari explaining while Chief Onyali watches

Africans, wake up! The life of leveraging should become a thing of the past. Are you the first child of the family, as an African? The shouldered responsibilities become unbeatable burdens. Don’t they? All the siblings’ responsibilities become the first child’s, despite his inability to make end ends meet. This, according to research, retard the success of the concerned person (s). Dependency with unity and cooperation is a requisite.

The culture of lackadaisical leadership by now, supposed to be a thing of the past. Ghana that was once helped by Nigeria now stands on her feet with solid foundation. South Africa was once bailed out by Nigeria, yet today, the same South Africa gains an upper hand in Nigeria as she roots her source of income here in Nigeria and channels the fountain of the cheese and juicy financial gains to South Africa for South African’s developments.

By now, it is my hope that Africans will come together and come out with a common currency as a unifying factor, create and develop a common lingua franca as unity in diversity; cluster their fists and extend to one another, the hands of fellowship that will emancipate Africa from modern slavery. What is your take?

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