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By Olayinka Elebute



The Regional Manager Bank Of Industry Northwest 1, Dr. Dahiru Bala, says INIFFAA 2024 is a testament to the growth and creativity of Nollywood for the past decades.

Speaking during the 2024 award edition of Inside Nollywood International Film Festival Awards (INIFFAA), which eas held in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja

According to him “The banking industry with particular reference to Bank of Industry we have always been supporting the creative industry for so many decades in the theme development in the music industry and a lot of initiatives have been done.

And within the bank, we have the creative industry decks. A department that solely devotes time, the resources, it devotes its resources and time to the creative industry within the bank to support the Nollywood industries, in our bank as long as the boundary and supporting knowledge, for the industry and producers can assess loans from our bank, we have a criteria to be meet before giving out the loans and once you meet the criteria, you will definitely be given the loan if you make a little research. It’s a work, the bank has been actively engaged in supporting the creative industry for over 10 to 15 years now. He said.

While also speaking on how profitable the Nollywood has been, “it is a vibrant sector it is a sector that is a multi billion US dollar industry. And it has a high huge potential of supporting the Nigeria economy with employment and increasing the GDP of the country and also increasing our ability to be able to earn foreign exchange for the country.

He also explain how Nollywood Industry can be used as a tool to build Nigeria image, he has this to say.

Yes, I want to encourage them to do it right because somebody else cannot tell you a story. In Africa. We have our own stories and our stories can be  best told by us.  we have rich culture. We have stories to tell the world if you look at what is happening in the US now Nigerian music industry has really taken over and same for the film industry. So we are left with the best situation and a place where we can tell our stories in the best way He concluded.

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