We Want The Best Talent For Nigeria Reason Why We Engage James Peter….. Dr. Ogada

By Olayinka Elebute
Founder  of Brightville Academy Dr. Isaac Ogada has explain why he settled for Coach James Peter as the lead scout for his 5-day scouting program in Ibadan with the final set to take place inside the Obafemi Awolowo Sport complex of the University of Ibadan on Saturday.
In a chat with journalist, the educationalist turned sport administrator said Coach James Peter is more competent than some white scout that Nigerians tend to worship for talent hunt in the country, “I have decided to go by example that most of our scout and football administrators and academy owners always worshiping the white and as a result of that majority of them are always going around giving people bad impression or fake impression about the Nigerians or Africans, I decided that list of all these whites are not better than our own and some of them are not having anything to do with football and they come around to take our money all in the pretense of taking our unsuspecting players who are eager to go to Europe”.
Speaking further Dr. Ogada said, The foundation of the best football team was laid by him, the 1994 Eagles happened to be the best national team Nigeria ever produced.
They didn’t fall from the moon, they started from the handwork of James Peters from 1988, 89,91 where they went to Cairo, they later metamorphosed and went to the Nations Cup in Senegal in 1992, and they became the crack squad we had in 1994 that FIFA  rated as the number five in the world. I think we look at it that he is the right man to do the job. He has the passion for youth development, he has the eye, the exposure and most importantly his own son is a coach in the US. We are happy and privileged that we are able to bring him here to Ibadan. He promised that he will be here and we thank God that he is here. He has seen some of the players and from what we have seen the journey of some of these players to stardom has just begun. He said
This is not the end of this programme.  The programme is going to end at the University of Ibadan where the players will be able to showcase what they have on a better pitch. We are happy to have James Peter in our midst. We are happy that we have a legend of the game. Some of the coaches that came here pass through him. He is a kind of inspiration to the young ones who see him. As you can see. He concluded.
The 5 day program has over 20 teams from Ibadan, Ijebu-Ode and it’s environs and it comes to and end on Saturday with players picked will be given scholarship and opportunity to play in Europe.

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