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Why You Must Eat Amaranth Leaves.


By Dr. Eseosa Edokpayi Nwoji



Amaranth Leaves are leafy greens that turns red when boiled, it’s a super amazing vegetable that we must include in our diet if we want to stay healthy.

Amaranth Leaves is super rich in essential vitamins and minerals, than any other leafy greens or vegetables. the likes of Kale, Spinach, Lettuce etc are quite famous, while Amaranth Leaves has taken the back seat. but not any more….Lol.

Amaranth Leaves looks so much like Spinach or Efo and Soko, a popular name of a vegetable in Yoruba language in Nigeria.

It comes in various colours, ranging from gold, red, purple and green. depending on your country climate and soil in which is grown, mine is green in colour, and it’s grown here in my medicinal garden in Lagos, Nigeria.

Amaranth Leaves health benefits are superb, and superior to most greens, because they are power house of nutrients & vitamins, as well as store house of of essential phytonutrients and anti-oxidants which help to reduce Inflammation and fighting Cancer in the body and provide an extra boost of nutrients to one’s health and wellbeing.

Amaranth Leaves are amazing for your Metabolism, rich in soluble and insoluble fiber, because eating fibre help you to digest food properly and reduce weight and ward off heart diseases, as it lower the cholesterol in the blood. it’s simply amazing for your thyroid gland.

Amaranth Leaves are great for Brain and Heart health due to it’s source of potassium, which help more oxygen to the brain, it stimulate neutral activity and cognitive function, reducing the risk of stroke.

It also improve brain function by maintaining electro-connectivity in the brain. It’s also a rich source of Magnesium, a mineral that combines with Potassium to reduce the risk of hypertension, which protects against heart diseases.

With the level of magnesium, it increase your energy, calms the nerves, anxiety, relieving muscle spasm, aches and preventing Osteoporosis.

Amaranth Leaves are good for anemics, because of it’s iron content. iron is needed for producing red blood cells and it’s also needed for cellular metabolism. So get the maximum benefits of this powerful punch of iron that Amaranth Leaves provide by adding some source of vitamin C as it facilitates maximum absorption of iron in your blood.

You can now see why often we tell you to eat more vegetables? because they are amazingly source of Nourishment to our body.

Every part of this amazing plant is used for food as well as medicine, the seed, sterm, and Leaves. It can be eaten raw in salad, or added to stir fry, soup or stimmed dish or even tea infusion. Any way you choose to eat Amaranth Leaves is absolutely okay.


Written by

Dr. Eseosa Edokpayi Nwoji
Naturopath, Consultant.

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