An Atiku solidarity group in Rivers State called the Atiku-lated Rivers Movement (ARM) has warned Governor Nyesom Wike to desist forthwith from harassing presidential candidate Atiku and the PDP. The group noted that unlike other contestants for all political offices, it is only Governor Wike that continues to rant about his failure to attain Presidential candidacy and the Vice-Presidential slot of the party.

Addressing newsmen, the ARM Acting-Secretary, Joseph Amadi stated that, Atiku was a known industrialist, investor and resident of Rivers State long before Governor Wike debuted into the political scene. And that given that foundation, the Governor cannot stop Rivers people from voting their choice especially where that choice is Atiku who is widely considered as one of their own. Towards this objective, the ARM has begun a door-to-door campaign to educate Rivers electorate on the special benefits an Atiku Presidency would accrue Rivers State.

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The ARM Acting-Secretary elaborated that PDP delegates exercised their discretion in selecting Atiku; and Atiku exercised his own discretion in picking his 2023 running mate much in the same manner Governor Wike had exercised his own discretion towards the choice of a Deputy Governor in 2015. It did not matter to Wike then whether there were seemingly more qualified candidates, or other better-known players who had heavily invested in the party. It was simply the Governor’s prerogative to run with someone he felt he could work with in a totalitarian fashion without question.

Accordingly, the ARM summits that Governor Wike’s continuous show of shame, blatant abuse of those who do hold differing views, and public rants are one of the surest signs of political unwisdom.

Wike has shown that he is not qualified for any political appointment from the lowest to the highest in the nation. Calling the Presidential candidate of the largest political party in Africa is uncouth. We insist that he apologize to Presidential candidate Atiku and the People’s Democratic Party as his actions tantamount to anti-party activities.

In a final statement, the group noted that the ridiculous conditions given to Atiku by Wike must be dismissed on grounds:

That it is unconstitutional to ask Atiku to endorse a one-term tenure (should he win) even before the election is held;

That it is in poor taste to attempt to force an incumbent National Party Chairman to resign and open the floor for scrambles and internal crisis few months before the elections; and

That Governor Wike does not possess the constitutional right to unilaterally coax the party to adopt and fulfil these ludicrous conditions.

Whereas it would appear that Governor Wike thinks himself the ‘owner’ of Rivers State due to his frivolous and extravagant expenditure culture, the ARM Acting-Secretary further reminds Wike that the funds which he deployed in pursuing his personal interests (engaging delegates and voters) does not belong him nor his family but the entire people of Rivers State. Therefore, it is high time Rivers people checked his excesses.

Articulated Rivers Movement spokesmen concluded with an assurance to Presidential candidate Atiku and the PDP that they will deliver the votes of Rivers people irrespective of the antics of the Governor; while reiterating that Wike must apologize to the party and Atiku for calling them liars as Atiku represents the aspiration of all PDP members and supporters.

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