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Your Health Is Your Vehicle To Life




By Dr. Eseosa Edokpayi Nwoji.

If you must enjoy life to its fullest, then you must listen and obey.

The road to life is narrow and only few finds it. Are you among the few that want to find it? Then congratulations!

Welcome on board, Your Vehicle to good health is taking off now and you must be among.

These are some tips that you must consider in your Vehicle to good health;

Get to know your health status, and do a periodic check up on your body organs. in order to detect if there’s any sign of acute or chronic ailments in the body, and if there is, treat immediately when you still can ….. don’t allow it to escalate into something serious.

Carry out a maintenance routine, by picking up a maintenance package to help service your internal organs, and sharpen them to work effectively and correct depletes in vitamins and minerals levels as well as treatment on infections….these areas a lot of you don’t even consider. But it’s there.

Design a meal plan, base on your health status, or create the right diet that best fits your health needs, that you’ll follow strictly in order to get the maximum nutrients benefit from your diet

You need to adopt a meal control technique, that’s portion control. Eat little at a time, never be hungry but let your stomach be empty, this way you’re improving your good health and avoiding indigestion, gastritis, blotting, constipation, etc.

You must learn to do mild exercises, it’s a must. The human body was created to move, so you must lubricate the muscles, joints, bones, so that mobility is enhanced. Brisk walking preferably. You must not put unnecessary pressure on your body organs, especially your abdominal organs e.g your stomach, liver, pancreas, kidney, gallbladder, spleen, etc. Else they will start malfunctioning.

Allowed good ventilation into the house, open the curtains and allow fresh air(oxygen) in for a healthy lungs, also take few walk into your garden if you have one and feel the beauty of nature from the leaves and trees if not, stay out door and enjoy the cool breeze nature gives. It will do you lot of good.

Your heart and mind is a strong aspect that must be handled with almost care, because it tells on your brain nerves, brain blood tissue supply as well as your memory lndex, and to your overall health.

ln my MRA diagnostic report, there’s what we call sentimental index in your brain nerves data analysis, it simply reflects the injury extent of your brain cells, as regards unhappiness, sadness, anxiety, unforgivness, resentment etc. and this in turn affect your cognitive function, your hippocampus. so there’s need to always be happy all the time.

Drink lots of clean water every day, there’s an amazing healing power in it. That way, you and your organs stays hydrated and also help the body to flush out waste and toxins out of the body.

Give your Body quality sleep every day, especially at night, it’s a must. That’s the acronym of MAN….. morning, you wake up, afternoon you work, and at night, you must sleep, latest 10pm. That way your organs will be relaxed to carry out their functions of repairs, by Correcting, Replenishing, Renewing and Restoring new cells and Rejuvenating the entire body system.

These tips must be consider greatly, because your Health is your Vehicle to Life.

Written by

Dr. Eseosa Edokpayi Nwoji.
Naturopath, Consultant.



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