We Can Use Sports As a Digital Security Tools…Glory Idehen

By Olayinka Elebute And Oluwole Francis
President, Information Systems Audit and Control Association   Glory Idehen   said over the weekend that the association will use different sporting activities to create digital security awareness for various interest groups in the country.
Baruten LGA cut off from Nigeria by flood...no good roads, health institutions
Speaking to  journalists at the old parade ground in Abuja that the ISACA Community Day, observed on every first Saturday of October, was a day set aside to give back to the society.
He said that it was a worthwhile endeavour to honour ISACA’s past years and make a difference locally and globally in the years to come.
“for over three years we decided to connect with the communities and to give something back to the community so that the community also has impacts in our various projects.
“Last year, we did tree planting for the environment, this year we decided to do something different with work-life balance, let us get out of our offices and receive fresh air and do some exercise and do some sporting activities.

” It is getting better every year, the number of people exceeded our expectations. This is a welcomed development, it means everyone is interested in working with us.
According to the President  we have decided to partnered the Nigeria Volleyball Federation (NVBF) and many other organizations to develop ISACA’s objective worldwide.
“This year we did the partnership with the volleyball federation and other organization that are here today, we did a survey on the game of Volleyball and we found out that this is the kind of game our members are interested in and as such look out for how we get our members play it at their various working places”.
Victims of rain flooding...Baruten LGA
“We reached out to the volleyball federation and the president elect Engr. Musa Nimrod, accepted and he was here presently to witness the occasion and with his coaches and supporters,” he said
He added that the association was studying how it can connect ”with our immediate community, and once a committee is set up, it hoped to determine what ways it can impact the communities”.
“We are going to be having our congress meeting and it’s going to be online at ISACAabuja.org.” he concluded.

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