Campaign Of Calumny Against Officers Of The Nigerian Army Must Not Go Unpunished 



By Mohammed Kali


The latest tactics adopted by some cyber urchins, masquerading as masked individuals with a mission to stir the public, officers, rank and file of the Nigerian Army against leadership of the Chief of Army Staff, Lt.Gen. T.A Lagbaja has been unmasked by discerning Nigerians.

This campaign of calumny against the Leadership of the Nigerian Army took a new twist on Monday, when these peddlers of falsehood attempted to sell a dummy to Nigerians by planting a report on Sahara Reporters that the Chief of Logistics of the Nigerian Army, Maj. Gen. Erema Akerejola, his wife, Motunrayo Eunice Akerejola bought a building, located at 11860 Old Station Pl, Alpharetta, Georgia, 30004; and that building is worth $1,013,000.

They went on to to cast aspersions, denigrated the person of the wife of the dedicated officer, Maj.Gen. Akerejola by describing his heartthrob as a low class individual, who had struggled to get the basic necessities of life.

To set the record straight, Mrs. Motunrayo Eunice Akerejola is a hardworking Pharmacist, with proven track records and successes attached to her name; as the Kogi Princess has been living in the US for over 20 years.

Moreso, the property in question, located in the United States, was indeed acquired 12 years ago on a monthly mortgage basis, which is still being paid by Mrs Akerejola, who has lived and worked in the US for the past 2 decades.

To show that the report on Sahara Reporters was a hatchet job, these Mischief Makers were in haste to do a proper background checks about the said property; they failed to note
that General Akerejola was only appointed about 6 months ago as the Chief of Logistics Nigerian Army, while the property was acquired about 12 years ago.

According to an impeccable source, these obstructors have fabricated stories, ready to be syndicated to gullible media outlets, with the sole aim of blackmailing Army Officers who are committed to serving their fatherland.

Although, the Nigerian Army has noted with great concern the deliberate and concerted efforts to mislead the public by Sahara Reporters through a mischievous and smear campaign against the Chief of Logistics (Army) Major General Erema Akerejola over an unfounded allegation of a property in the United States with proceeds from contract scams.I will advise them to go against these individuals.

It is imperative, that the Akerejola’s take necessary legal action against these individuals, and medium whose stock in trade is to cast aspersions on some targeted officers of the Nigerian Army with the intention to stir unrest among the rank of file of the Nigerian Army.


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