Your Body Speaks



By Dr. Eseosa Edokpayi Nwoji

When have you ever heard that a car breaks down on the highway without giving prior notice? or someone has a Heart attack without at least one month notice? of course we’re always in a rush to say it came upon me suddenly.

My dear, it does not happen that way, Your body speaks, but you don’t listen.

The human body is a sophisticated machine, with a unique biological mechanism, to carry out amazing task daily, in organising, coordinating, and controlling the physiological aspect of our body system.

Whenever there’s a pathological invasion, your body Speaks immediately, through signs and symptoms.

But do we listen or even notice? of course No.

I request everyone reading this article, to please endeavour, give it a trial, start listening to your body today, just like a mother will do to his or her new born baby, because your body Speaks. That way you’ll be able to overcome deadly ailment by preventing it from happening.

Third John 1 verse 1 said, ” I wish you above all things, that you prosper and be in good health even as your soul prosperth.

So if you wish to enjoy good health and wealth, You must Listen to your body. You must not suffer in ignorance. Wisdom, knowledge and understanding has been given to Man freely.

You need to grab yours now while you can, because ignorance is not an excuse before God…..he hates it with passion.

We live by grace, and not by works. Every day counts, Live each day as if it’s your last.

Go for periodic checkups, and get to know your health status. and when you do, develop a good meal plan that you’ll follow, that will navigate you to good health, and always listen, because Your Body Speaks.

Dr. Eseosa Edokpayi Nwoji
Naturopath, Consultant.

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